Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I don't know why but my computer has sent the picture gremlins on their way and I can now post them from both Picasa and the blog.

Here's a pic showing the back of my quilt. It was a piece I had in my stash and worked well to not show the quilting. That's the camera cord, whoops. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive about my space quilt. Oh, it has an official name - What's In a Name? I am thinking of typing a bit about each of the names I choose and getting it copied onto cloth and sewing it to the back of my quilt. I couldn't find anything in my stash to use for binding so must be off to the LQS today. Yesterday I hand delivered the paper work for entering my quilt into the show. Today was the final date. The first week in September is my next deadline - to physically submit the quilt. The show begins Sept. 13th.

Kipper and Skipper are doing well. Yes, Skipper definitely has some problems understanding which dog I'm talking to. Kipper has established the rules for Skip who, being a young dog, accepts them very well. Rule 1 is don't come near my food bowl when it has food. I established an area for Skip's bowl and he stays there fine. He uses slow manners when eating so it takes him longer than Kipper who woofs his down. But Kipper never goes to Skips bowl while he is still eating. Both dogs use Kipper's water bowl and share bones - first one to start chewing it has it until he walks away. Skipper found Kipper's toy basket and soon dumped it out and has the toys all over. Kipper seldom plays with them any more but just to be sure Skip has two of them tucked under him when napping. Rule #2 was that Skip can't get on Kipper's couch. Skip soon found the couch on the porch and uses it. Rule #3 is not to get on Mom's bed which Kipper does. Skip brought his own bed and Kipper never gets on it. Rule#4 Kipper goes through the door first both when going outside and coming in. It was really interesting to watch Kipper teach Skip his rules and how Skip said okay. Skip has also taught me some of his rules like sitting before he goes outdoors. He doesn't have a fenced in yard so I'm sure he is waiting for a leash. The other day, I watched them when they went outside. They both chose the same bush and each was on one side with opposite legs lifted while they looked back at the house. It has been raining and raining here. Why couldn't it do it a month ago to help the crops? No, it has to wait until I have two dogs to wash mud off their feet. Better than last year when I had my sons three dogs for a month, anyway. Both dogs really have fun running and wresting in the yard. Skip is a very nice dog and we are happy to have him visit.

Last week I went to a circus. It was a very small one that the Lions Club brought in. This was the first year for it. They put up a "big top" in the park in town. I really enjoyed it. Not the big Ringing Brothers, three ring big deal but an up close and personal one ring. They had animal acts, including dogs and elephants, and juggling and tumbling acts. The same people often came back and did another type act. The high acts had wires attached to the people, especially to the children. It was just a lot of fun. Reminded me of my small town childhood summer days. The prices were were reasonable with $10 for adults and $2 for a snow cone. The tent was full of kids and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I didn't go but some people came in the morning and watched the elephants set the tent up. There were also elephant rides for the kids. Of course, the elephants did an act. They looked very well cared for and content. I think animals like having jobs. My friend is having major health problems and she went with me. For a couple hours it got her mind on happy things. We went out to dinner afterwards. It was a good day.

Hope you are having a good day!
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Libby said...

What fun to watch the 2 pups get acquainted and learn the rules *s* I remember going to a small travelling circus that would come through our town periodically. Haven't seen one in years.
I'm so excited to see your quilt when it's hanging in the show. It's going to be a hit - I just know it!