Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dog Tired

Skip sometimes laid down in the "frog" position. He is chewing a bone here. Kipper never does. My DD2 has a Schnauzer and he does it all the time. Do poodles do this? Do labs? Do only male dogs do it?
Just wondering. Kipper saw the camera and had to get up and come to get his pic taken. Skip went home yesterday. He took home two bones -one for the yard (a real bone with lots of good smell left) and one for inside (one that has been worked on until it is clean and won't stain or give the carpet it's smell). Doesn't everyone take home something from their vacation? Today is hot and Kipper is quite happy to just rest up inside the house today.

I've had major intestinal upset since last Friday night. Might be type of flu but I think it is food poisoning. I have a very sensitive GI system. I was only taking half my arthritis dose and this is not from it. Of course, I haven't taken any meds since getting sick. Well, any meds other than tons of stomach stuff. I have a good supply on hand and managed to keep ice chips down so didn't dehydrate. I'm now up to a little white rice, pretzels and saltines. Lots of sleep and listening to music but I did get the binding made and machine sewed on the quilt.

No progress on anything. Daily goal is to take a shower and read a few blogs. Well, I got the shower done and we'll see about the blogs. :)
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Libby said...

Before arthritis began, Harper (female *s*) used to lie around in the 'frog butt' position. Just cracked me up. I think it must be cool on the belly since she normally only did it during the heat of summer.
Hope you are feeling your old self quickly!

Laurie Ann said...

I think it depends on how their hips are structured. I had a poodle do it when I was a kid, but my shepherds never have. Disco doesn't either. Cute!

Lindah said...

Hope you are feeling tip-top soon!

Shelina said...

Oh Kate I certainly do hope that you feel better quickly!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

My dog Max does it, Summer does it, and Crystal does not do it. They are all muts.

Feel better soon!