Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Been Caught

Thanks to everyone for your complimentary comments on my space quilt. It really was a lot of fun to make and I appreciate everyone's encouragement along the way.
I'm thinking it is going to be a challenge to quilt, so keep your fingers crossed for a complete quilt.

Okay, Tonya you caught me. In most places where I inserted a word later, I just partly opened the seams between two of the letters above it and then made the background long enough to inserted between the seams. I sewed the top first. Then trimmed that seam and ironed it down. Then I resewed the seams I took partly out. But... as you figured out, the seams in Endeavour didn't work. So I folded and pressed the sides of Tiros. Then I laid the Tiros piece over Endeavour and sewed the top. Then I appliqued the sides down by hand. I worked carefully and it went down fine. Finally I trimmed out the fabric behind the Tiros insert. Notice I sure didn't take any pics of the back of this work. I also appliqued the dates on. I had thought they were going in the border but they didn't belong there. I also had the top row on the bottom for a long while. Lots of fun playing. Hope this makes sense. I also couched Sojourner twice - once with pink and then gray. It still looks too light in the pic but is okay to the eye. My DDL came while I was making the words and said how much nicer it looked in person than in the pics.
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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Katie, I didn't "catch" you being bad, just ingenious. very clever. I'm learning from you, thanks. I'd love to see this quilt in person too. Good luck with the quilting.

Libby said...

Necessity is the mother of invention *s* You've developed your very own technique.