Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh Happy Day

I can't believe it is really here - the pkg from Finn. I was hoping for a bit of vintage fabric and look what she gave me! Many pieces and a mini quilt made by Sylvia herself. I thought the quilt was my PIF gift but she says no, this is her blog anniversary gift. I'm still confused about why the person having the anniversary is giving gifts rather than receiving them, but hey, it has made my day and many more to come. Finn has said that we are free to pass along her gifts. NO way. NO time. Don't even think of it.

I sure let my child come out in anticipation of this gift from Finn. She said we could send in our name as many times as we wanted for the drawing. I emailed most every day for the (what was it?) two weeks. I couldn't imagine that everyone wasn't doing the same thing. I have always been very nostalgic for old things and I consider Finn my dear friend. So, the big day came and my name was one of those drawn. I thought Finn would just pop a piece of fabric in each person's envelop and be off to the post office. How silly of me. Of course she thought and thought about each of us and produced a very personal gift for each of us.

After the drawing, I became a real pest, thinking my pkg had been mailed and worried that it was lost. Even when it was mailed, it took forever to get here via first class. How come Finn's storms and hot weather come to me in one day and her pkg took a week? Probably stopped in Minneapolis, Chicago and Detroit. Probably would have been faster via California. Oh, me. The child in me sure had fun anticipating this gift and a big thanks and hugs to Finn and Sylvia!

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Libby said...

Three cheers for Finn - she really is great *s* Love the treats your received from her . . .enjoy.