Monday, August 13, 2007

No Pics

For some unknown reason Picasa will not let me post pics. Grrr. I abandoned it a couple days ago thinking it would work itself out. But no change today. What should I do? It goes through all the steps but there are no pics here. Please Help!

I have my space quilt sandwiched via spray glue and thread basting. I used a cotton batting only because I have a big roll of it on hand. It also is good to cling to the top and backing. I am hand quilting it and so wanted to show you what I'm doing. I'm quilting with #8 variegated blue thread. I'm making small stars (and X with one of two extra lines across) about every 2 inches all over the background. They are a quarter to 3/4 of an inch in size. With all the seams in this quilt it is hard to pull the thread but I really like the results. I have two spools (are they called that?) of the DMC but figured I'd need more. So off the JoAnn's I went only to discover they didn't have it. Oh, I so miss my Hancock store. The quilt store doesn't carry it any of it. Now I'm hoping I'll have enough. I started using color 93 witch has a lot of light blue. When I couldn't buy more I started also using color 121 which has more darker blue. I have been working on my quilt an hour at least twice a day and think I have about half of it done. I'm using a thimble, which I always do, on my third finger and bandaid on my index finger. This hot weather is not nice to be doing hand quilting. Holding it and the bright light I must have over my shoulder produces more heat. I'm in my underwear only, have a large glass of ice water beside me, the ceiling fan running and an ice bag under my bare feet. Hey, whatever works. No pics of this. Your imagination is enough. "LOL" Oh, I sure hope I can post pictures soon.

I also need ideas for a name for this quilt. The challenge is called 50 Years in Space. I want something more original for the name of my quilt. I've been calling it my space quilt but I want something more specific.
All ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Judy said...

Have you ever loaded pictures just from blogger? You click on the little square with a picture inside and then browse to find you file with the picture and click add I think. It puts it right into the blog post. To move it around just click on the picture to highlight it and drag and drop.

jovaliquilts said...

I always load photos like Judy said. If you can take the photo from Picasa and put it on your desktop -- or anywhere on your computer -- you can load it to your blog by clicking that little photo icon above where you enter text and then selecting the photo when you click "browse." Good luck! Computer frustrations are such a pain.

Libby said...

I upload my pictures via Blogger, too. I use Picasa for photo storage and just find the picture name right in there. I have had NO success going the other way. Good Luck.

Norma said...

I would love to help but.........I have no idea! Sorry, Katie! I do use blogger but we don't use Picasa so I don't know.

Looking forward to seeing the quilting. I love to hand quilt but much slower at it than you are.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I posted directions on my blog about how I post pics. you can search for it in there. pretty similar to how judy described it. I wonder if the spray baste make it harder to quilt through? Since it's sticky, I expect it's grabbing at the needle. look forward to seeing the quilting.