Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dandelion Greens

Glad to know there are some other yellow yards. My DH used to eat dandelion greens but he said they were only good to eat before they made flowers. He also ate poke salad (a cooked green) that he had eaten as a child in Arkansas. He was surprised when he found it growing wild in Michigan. He ate every other green that grew too. I like spinach and collards but not the strong tasting ones.


A big Hug for all the mail carriers today for collecting all our food donations ! Thanks for reminding us of the empty cupboards in many homes.

Quilt Show

A local guild had a quilt show yesterday. I don't belong as it is too hard with me spending half the year in Florida. Lots of applique but some pieced too. No scrappy quilts, at least none that were scrappy with both fabric and design. :( I'm getting to love scrappy more and more but I like to look at and dabble in all types of quilting. The following info is about about the pictured quilts, top to bottom.

"The Thistle Quilt, Shirley Miles
Yellow. Yellow. I thought you don't see many quilts done with yellow. It is from A Piece of Cake book. I really enjoyed working with this. It was quilted by Terrie McCullough."

"Pa, Jan Rodgerson
The pattern is by Eula Mae Long. It is machine pieced by Jan and machine quilted by Dave Forrest."

"Out of Darkness, Helen Blankenship
Helen Blankenship pieced and machine quilted this project. The quilt was a real challenge started by her small group from Pam Bono's design. Hers had a black background, but Helen prefers the muslin. It was quilted by Ruth Schultz."

"Basket of Logs, Joyce Viall
A class making this quilt was taught by Joyce this spring. It is machine pieced and long arm quilted by Quilting by Joyce. Quilters Dream Collon was used."

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Libby said...

I love blogging - get to go to so very many quilt shows *s*

Judy said...

The quilts are so pretty!

Did you know you can make dandelion syrup from the flowers?