Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So Pretty
Beautiful weather here. Tulips a little past their prim. What isn't around here? What about that tulip center? Looks like a quilt inspiration to me.

I've been dividing my time between the inside of my house and my yard. Lots of work but keeping my sanity. Outside has been weeds, weeds, weeds. But a few treats too. I saw a fox come up to the backyard fence. I think he was looking for the rabbits under the shed that is inside the fence. The fox nosed all around. Looked so healthy.

I bought a new shower curtain, liner, pole and hangers. Nice touch to the clean, rust free room that is almost done. Hard to believe how much rust from the humidity of the basement flood last winter when I was in FL. I also got some silver paint to touch up the frame around the mirror of the medicine cabinet. Still got to clean out cupboards but progress in at least one room is satisfying.

Today is election day. I wonder how U.S. got Tuesdays for elections. I have a new location to vote. We were using schools but they decided the added traffic was a danger to the children so they moved them. Mine is now at a church. I'm voting to extend taxes for library coverage. In my county, the local town provides the building with maintenance and the county provides the staff and contents including computers and books. This is a millage vote to extend the money for the county part of the library system. Times are really hard here in MI and people don't want to pay taxes but I think the hard times make the libraries even more important. Got to get out and register my "yes" vote. It always amazes me that sometimes elections are decided by a small number of votes, sometimes even one vote.

I've got a few errands to do while I'm out. With gas $3.19 a gallon, I try to plan my excursions better.

Have a nice day in your corner of our good earth!
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Libby said...

Beautiful tulips! I love the library - so many wonderful books and services all at no cost (okay, there are the taxes . . . but you know what I mean *s*)
Isn't the cost of gas out of this world? I'm trying to consolidate all my errands into one weekly trip. Saves on gas and leaves more time at home to do things I enjoy a win/win situation.

Shelina said...

What a bright colorful post with all these pics! Love them! So good that you are voting. We didn't have to vote on here - if there are uncontested races, there is no election. There were some issues in other areas, but not in mine.
I agree with you that libraries are more important when times are hard. Basically I think libraries are always important.
Yeah, gas prices are ridiculous. But we are at $3.07 so I can't complain as much as others can.