Thursday, May 10, 2007

Views From My Yard

How about those yellow flowers among the green weeds? That's my back yard.
I just can't use chemicals there. I do put table salt on the thistles. Works great.

There has been lots of farming equipment going up and down my road. Busy time for farmers.

I have some asparagus behind my fence and picked the first of it a few days ago. And see the rhubarb that is coming up. This is all I have. I should plant more.

I got my Hawaiian quilt sandwiched today and even began quilting it using my walking foot.

Oh, yes my library millage passed. :)
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Fiona said...

Love those yellow flowers - the picture would look great as 'wallpaper' on a pc.

joyce said...

Dandelions have a bad reputation but you can eat every part of them including the roots. THey are the first sign that summer is really here. And when the tops are done you can wish on the puffy seed ball. What can be bad about them? My neighbours don't agree so it's a good thing I live way out in the country.

Libby said...

I agree with Joyce and have paid some pretty good $ for dandylion greens in the store for my salad. Looks as though you have a good garden going for summer . . . enjoy.

JudyL said...

I have those same yellow flowers! I hope to get my asparagus planted this weekend and hope I get to live here long enough to harvest a bit of it. But first, we have to build something to keep the deer out . . or I'll never see any asparagus!