Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sorry about the wait but here is the finished Hawaiian top. The colors are not correct but the green lattice looks good. I don't know when I'll get it finished.

My house is over 50 years old and it is having problems. When I get into one, another comes up. Basement water problems. Furnace. Repairs needed from my flood last winter. Getting opinions and estimates. Oh, me.
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Libby said...

Katie it looks great - it gives a vintage feel.
Hope your house troubles come to an end soon.

Fiona said...

That's the trouble with older houses - they need a lot of maintenance. However, your quilt looks brilliant - the green sashing is a perfect choice.

Shelina said...

The quilt looks beautiful.

I have an older home too, and it does seem like everything needs maintenance at the same time. Which kinda makes sense, since everything was installed at the same time. One financial consultant recommended to prepare for repairs/replacements for house parts and appliances, just like you would your semiannual bills, since they do tend to come in packs. Too bad I got the advice when I was already in the throes of repairs, just like you are getting it. Good luck, hang in there, it will calm down once things are repaired.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, the quilt turned out just gorgeous! I think that green is perfect.
So sorry to hear the troubles with the house, I guess with age comes repairs. Us or the housr...LOL...or both.
Thanks for stopping by today, always good to see you..*VBS* The new creamer and saucers look wonderful, I'd be happy to come for tea..*S* Big hugs, Finn who will always be your friend..promise!

Rose Marie said...

Sigh, house problems ... but you do have a great quilt!