Thursday, May 31, 2007

Front Yard

I got my statues put out by my very small pond in my front yard. Those cement statues are heavier than they look. The big frog is spouting water. He is in the middle and water is coming directly towards the camera. Bit hard to see. I should get close up. And lots of weeding and trimming needs done but it is nice out there. I can see it from my front porch.

Yesterday and today were in high 80's. Very unusual. Kipper got a summer hair cut. There was a new groomer there but she did a very nice job. Kipper is much cooler and happier. He looks at least 10 pounds lighter. Maybe I should try a haircut. I really need one.

My repair man is getting some things done but has other work that pulls him away some days. He did a bunch of little things on his first day and that really helped. Things like pulling my refrig out so I could clean behind it and getting my storm windows down. I washed the windows inside and out and then he put up the screens.

I got one more wacky letter space ship name done. I'll try to get pic soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying great weather and getting more quilting done than I am. I'm enjoying watching what you are doing.
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