Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Yard

Look what I found in my yard. The top pic is wild strawberries. I just couldn't have them mowed down. Even a few berries would taste so good. In my side yard I saw purple among the yellow. Wild pansies. So many and so pretty. But I let them be mowed. Wish now I hadn't.
Lilac also in full bloom and smells sooo good just outside my sewing room window. I spent three hours working in my yard today. Good exercise. :) I got my small pond cleaned out and left just enough water for the resident frog. Those decaying leaves sure smell bad. I'll let it dry out some and then I'll refill it and get the big turtle pumping water. He needs a little paint too. So much to do. Last year I wasn't able to keep up after my knee surgery but no excuses this year.

More Quilts To See
My local quilt shop also had a quilt show in the apple barn which is empty this time of year. How about Shop til You Melt by Judie Martin?

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Libby said...

My mom's favorite flower was violet - I've never seen them in the wild. Thanks for sharing them. They made me think of my mom and smile today *s*