Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pamper Me

I spent the rest of yesterday pampering myself. Movie on TV. Finished reading a book. Finished the hand work on Hawaii quilt. Long soak in the tub. Kipper said he wanted some grooming too. He likes to have his face washed with a wet paper towel every morning. He also loves to get his teeth brushed with his electric tooth brush. Sorry about the pic blur. It was hard to brush and take the pic at the same time. He is also going to the groomer next Thursday for full treatment including hair cut. He isn't shedding yet but panting a lot.

My pampering day worked great and I woke up this morning revived and energetic. I know some people just push through days like I had yesterday but I like to go with them. I remember once for my DD1's birthday, her husband took their kids away for the day and she was to just pamper herself all day. What a wonderful gift. Hope everyone can schedule one for herself.

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Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yes, go with the pampering1
Sorry it has taken so long to pop in and say 'hello' and to thank you for the lovely comment you made about my sunset picture!
My life has been a little crazy but I am here now and enjoyed the visit, cheers, Tracey

Dawn said...

Oh what a wonderful day you had! I could use one of those! And too funny that Kipper lets you brush his teeth!

Laurie Ann said...

What cute pics of Kipper. I can't believe he likes to have his teeth brushed. I wish my dogs would let me do that!!

meggie said...

I wish my dogs would let me do that, too! Maybe Honey would, but Leo wouldnt.
I loved those flowers in your last post, too.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

What a good dog to allow that!