Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nine Patch Plus
Does anyone know the name of this pattern?
Again I have no info on this quilt.

Very nice hand work. Posted by Picasa

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Finn said...

What a treasure trove of vingage fabric these quilts and quilt blocks are Katie. If they ever do a quilt documentation day near you, it would be worth it to get them looked at.
Sometimes a project like like that is taken on for entire state. All they want to a look at the quilts, to take a picture, record any history you know about the quilt or blocks. Sometimes it is published later as a State project. I've bought some from Missouri, and Washington State, and a couple of others. Oh yes, Oregon and the Oregon Trail. There is a fairly new book out called "The Quilt That Walked To Golden", about Golden, Colorado. You could check you local library to see if any state wide documentation has been done lately.
I just saw a program again on Saturday, stating that the picture fabric, like the blue with stars in this pictures bow tie, were made between 1875 and 1900.