Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm home from a visit to some of my grandchildren.
They have such a beautiful view from their deck. The pic doesn't do the sunset justice.

Pin Cushion
One of my DGDs made me a pin cushion. Such a cute idea which I'm sure was her Mom's. Of my three children and six grandchildren this one seems to be the only one interested in sewing type things. She had her 9th BD while I was there so I have hopes. Any ideas for projects that would be good for us to do together?
DGD's Pillows Finished
I have finished my DGD's, who is graduating from HS, pillows. The last two are strictly scrap with orange backs. There should be enough of them now for her and her kitty.

I included the close up as it shows the true colors better. Posted by Picasa

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