Sunday, November 05, 2006

I think I finally convinced blogger I am Katie and this computer belongs to me. I hadn't been able to comment but did some catch up reading. Nice to see what all of you are doing.

I'm posting a few more pics of Mackinaw Island just because I haven't taken any quilting ones on my camera yet. I did get my camera to download pics onto my computer so maybe tomorrow.

Beautiful weather here. I grilled hamburgers on the charcoal outdoors today. And got my sewing machine up and running. Still don't have the suitcases all unpacked but first things first, right?

The lady in the bottom pic is my friend that went with me.
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Libby said...

As I read through blogs and everyone talks of turning leaves and cold weather, I sometimes feel left out of all the seasonal fun. Then I remember we can barbecue hamburgers outdoors year round. That's why we live here -- we have great weather *s*