Saturday, November 04, 2006

I tried to put the pictures in sequence by posting backward and got the same one on twice. Sorry. And I had so many others I wanted to show you. Anyway, this is the Grand Hotel which is over a hundred years old and very well known. Normally it is very expensive to stay here but they keep it open in October by having our special event. It has a very long porch and you can see all over from the top. You must dress up to be in the lobby or dining room after 6:00 p.m. There are gardens all around too. While we were there, a wedding was held outside. Well, enough of this. If you are interested in more about the island, and it is very interesting, check the internet or drop me an e-mail. The bottom pic is taken from the porch. What a wonderful place.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the hotel in that movie with Jane Seymore and Christopher Reeve called "Somewhere in Time"? It looks very similar.

Fiona said...

That island looks fabulous and so does the hotel - looks like it should have a ballroom for you all to dance in after dinner.