Friday, November 03, 2006

Katie's Back
Coming to you from FL on my new computer. So glad to be back as I have missed you all.

My hp laptop was really a lemon but never got a recall. It "fried the mother board" last spring and was replaced but died again in October. I finished my friend's life story book and put it on disc. This was done on a Friday and the computer quit the next day. I was sure glad I had that book done and copied for my friend.

I did some checking into fixing the computer but finally just gave up. I had to pay $100 to get all my stuff copied onto discs but was happy to get it. I had some of it backed up but not all. I'm now moving it onto my new Gateway laptop. It wants to copy it all into one huge file so I am having to remake files and do it part by part.

I was really busy back in MI. The young man who always helped me with my yard moved but I finally got someone to carry my yard decorations into my garage and put up my storm windows.

My guardian angel way busy too. One day I came home and my garage door wouldn't open all the way with the remote in my car. Finally I went to the walk-in door, reached in and hit the control. The door tried to move and then the spring broke and flung itself all around with tremendous force. If I had been in the garage, do doubt I would have been really hurt. Or my car really damaged. I managed to get it fixed in five days and it now has a safety thing so that can't happen again.

As usual, I packed one suitcase of sewing things and one with other stuff. We couldn't get a direct flight this year as they had cut down on the number of planes able to accomadate a dog as tall as Kipper. Of couse, we were delayed for several hours where we had to change planes. First the plane was late getting in and then after we had boarded, we had another long wait. The people had trouble emptying one of the lavoratories. They were afraid it might leak and then freeze and that could be a flight hazard. So Kipper was in his kennel for eight hours total. He does great tho. I only fly him on NWA as they take special care of the animals and have a special heat and air controlled area in cargo for them. Costs a fortune but I won't have a pet and not take care of it. October in MI had been so cold I left Kipper's coat longer but after one day of 85 degrees here, he got his fur all cut off. Not near so good looking but much more comfortable.

My DD2 who lives here in FL now got us from the airport and spent two days helping me - mostly set up the computer. I had picked it out at Best Buy in MI and she had bought it in FL so I didn't have to transport it. We also bought the box to make it wireless and a fan thing to set it on to try to keep it cool. I also got a wireless mouse but don't like it so am back to my plug in one. I've never liked the one on the laptop.

I'm busy cleaning and unpacking. This summer I left my electricity on in FL and ran dehumidifers so house is in good condition but porch is badly molded.

Sure hope to get to the sewing machine soon. Also get the computer all set up. Getting the digital camera to download is high priority.

I hope to get around and read what has been up with all of you soon.


Libby said...

Glad to see you are back -- up and running. I can't imagine flying with a pet -- the stress on me would require tranquilizers *s* Look forward to see what you are up to in Florida.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, good to see you back here again..*VBS* That's one horrid tavel story...poor Kipper. It's hard when that stuff happens to people but doubly hard on pets I think.
I'll bet it feels good to be where it is warm...Hugs, Finn