Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Double Z

I don't know why outside edges of it look so crooked. Actually it isn't. But it isn't very accurate point matching either. I tried a method where you made and laid out all the HST and then sewed them into pairs and the columns of pairs into rows and then the rows together and only then pressed. Fast but not so good at hitting points. I should have put a pin through each point spot. Oh, well. For me it is good enough to use anyway. The really good thing is the blocks spoke to me about how they want to be arranged into a quilt. I think I'll like it. More on that later. Do you know I don't have a single quilt down here in FL for me to use. "Brown and Green" says she is it. And she says she wants a better name too.

I just had to send for a pattern I fell in love with. It wasn't a book VBS so doesn't count, right? It came yesterday and I love it even more now it is in my hands. It is a A Quilt Block Sampler and has 83 different 7 inch finished blocks. When will I finish it? Maybe I should ask when I will start it first. And there is deciding on colors and buying fabric or waiting until I get back to MI and my big stash. This pattern is designed by Lori Smith of From my heart to your hands. She was at the Houston Quilt Show when I ordered it so it took a little longer to send to me. She told that when I ordered it and I wasn't in any rush. Still she sent me a free pattern called Golden Memories: A Sample Quilt. because of the delay. It has patterns for 32 more 7 inch blocks. Oh, me. Lovely, lovley.

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May Britt said...

I am working on "A quilt block sampler". We are three friends doing each one together only using the fabric we got in our stash. We are not allowed to buy any new fabric for this one. But I have not done more blocks on it since april this year. Think I have made about 25 blocks + -
We agreed to start working on it again after christmas.
I love the patterns on Lori's site and want to order more.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, I like the new block and the points look to me as if they "got" the point of the block..*VBS*

Hurray for the new book and the free pattern. I'm not familiar with Lori Smith, but I recognize the name from the pattern Jeanne at Spiral ordered and then Judy at Ragdolls got it also. I'm thinking about it REAL HARD!!! It's a row quilt and I do like row quilts altho I've only made one.
Glad you are thinking that your Fl home needs a quilt..*VBS* Big hugs, Finn

Sweet P said...

A collection of 7 inch blocks? Sounds interesting. I might to check it out. A project for next spring, I guess. I like you brown blocks. They are coming along well.

sharon b said...

Your points look great to me. Nice sampler coming together. Like your brown tones..going to be a warm quilt.

Patti said...

I adore Lori Smith patterns. I have so very many of them! She has a wonderful sense of design. Most of her piecing is very complicated however!