Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fire Ants
I wrote about these pics and blogger lost it. grrrrrr I'm really one growling dog about this.
Guess I'll just have to try again.
Well, the first pic is my left hand the day afer fire ant stings. Yes they don't bite but the tiny little things sting. And not just once. Their stinger is one their abdomen and they move around in a circle stinging repeatedly until you get them off. I knew better but.... I have a few more stings on this hand and one on my other hand.

My DD2 came for a nice Thanksgiving meal and visit which included a pool and hot tub visit. I used to have a yard service take care of what I call a date palm tree. Each year the top grows more and the bottom layer of branches/fronds dies and have to be cut off. Some other plant uses these areas as a host and grows there. I think the service sprays them. Some people let them grow. Anyway my DD and I pulled and cut them off. On one dead frond near the ground, there was another guest - the ants. My daughter wasn't stung as she had on gloves. They don't hurt that much when you are stung but later the reaction and itching is horrible. They are suppose to improve in three days but I've had problems for three weeks. The eruptions look like they are infected but it is just a reaction to the poison and you aren't suppose to break them. The oral antihistamine I'm taking makes me sleepy (they all do for me) so I guess I'll just nap away the rest of the weekend. Yes, I did go buy more gloves.

The second pic is a UFO I found here in my FL cupboard. I put a thick batting under it and stuffed the leaf parts as I quilted them. I know there is a name for that but I can't think of it. I don't have anything to use for the back of the pillow and am not sure I want to venture to even the fabric store this weekend. I have no idea why I had started this layout of the Drunkard's Path but I did. Interesting anyway.
I printed this post before trying to post it again so it will probably work this time. Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

Hi Katie, so sorry to see the lumps and bumps of your encounter with the fire ants!! I've never heard anything good about them! So sorry that you are suffering like that. The block is interesting, almost looks like Russian dancers, The Casacks or however you spell that...LOL

Glad you had some family company on the holiday! Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie, that looks like it hurts! When the pic was loading I gasped because it looked so bad. Hope it's better!

palmetto1 said...

Katie, look for a product named Award or Logic - it is the same thing sold under different names. It is birth control for fire ants. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for them to die as it is not a poison and 4-6 weeks is their normal life cycle but they cannot reproduce. It only has to be applied twice a year. We are in commercial turf/plant business in south Texas and this is the only thing we have found that works. It is really a blessing.

Libby said...

Oh my, it looks like those ants really got to you. We are lucky not to have them here as most things biting/stinging love to have their way with me *s* Hope you enjoyed the time with your daughter -- it's so nice when they can come home.

Anonymous said...

your hand looks so very painful. Fire ants aren't something I've ever encountered, guess living further north has its advantages... Hope they heal up soon.

About your posting problems... Have you tried typing your post in a word processor (Word, Word perfect, notepad) on the coputer and then cutting and pasting -- saves retyping when it doesn't work :-)

Tim Rice said...

Katie, do take care. That looks painful.

Shelina said...

I hope your fireant problem is better now. That drunkard's path looks so nice in red.