Friday, November 17, 2006

Two More Blocks
I got two more blocks done for my Brown and Green quilt. I used my new ruler to make the flying geese and am not sure about it. Anyway, I've had enough flying geese for a while.

I decided to square up and start putting some of the blocks together today. My sewing machine didn't want to work. Look how it skipped stitches. I tried rethreading, checked bobbin and a few other things but no luck. So I took it all apart and cleaned, changed needle and filled a new bobbin. Yup, it is working! No idea which thing was the problem but don't care as long as it is happy. A happy machine makes a happy quilter. :)
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quiltpixie said...

frustrating when it starts to misbehave like that. Glad you were able to get it to agreeable....

Leslie said...

When my machine starts skipping stitches like that a new micro-tex (sharp, not universal) needle often makes all the difference. Glad you got it to /go/ again!