Thursday, November 09, 2006

Card Trick

I made this block for my green and brown quilt. Each day I choose a block pattern and make it. How it will come together will be determined later. I made a card trick block years ago and decided to try Mary Ellen Hopkins "cheating" at card tricks method. You make the block on
point using only squares and rectangles and adding the triangles for the background around the outside. Tip your head and you'll see them. I didn't see much differenece in the difficulty making it this way. I needed to lay it out and pay attention to what I was doing. Anyway, I have always liked this block.  Posted by Picasa


Sweet P said...

I like the colors and how you have them laid out in the block.

May Britt said...

Beautiful colours. Batik fabric is always fun to work with.

quiltpixie said...

Thanks for the idea of doing card trick on point! I don't mind doing it "regularily" but it is a good reminder to "think outside the box" for an easier way :-)

Emily said...

Dear Katie,
I just stumbled onto your blog and I love the pictures of home (and the quilts) I was born and raised in Michigan so seeing Mackinaw and the porch of the Grand Hotel made me smile. God has transplanted me out in Colorado but one day my husband and I hope to move back to the midwest. I love your idea of sewing a block a day. I think I will try to do that in the midst of my crazy home (4 boys, 5 and under).
God bless,

dot said...

I have never done a card trick, but I do like the block. Your quilt is going to be so nice.