Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pie Pieces
This probably has another name but this is what I call it. It was suppose to be pieced with the background put in like the way a Drunkard's Path is sewed but I just couldn't bring myself to try it with a circle this large - about 10 inches. Finally I sewed it the way I knew how to do. I cut another circle of fabric the same size and sewed the together with right sides together. Then I cut the center of the back and turned it and trimmed it. I also understitched it on the back so it lay very flat. Then I auditioned some lace and thought about cording but didn't have any cord to make it. Finally I just sewed it on with the machine. This machine I keep here here in FL doesn't do much fancy work so I didn't have much choice but I liked this one fine. With four layers of fabric on one side and one on the other, I was afraid of distortion. Then I remembered one of you telling about using either sandwich wrap sheets or old phone book pages for stablizer. I used the phone book pages and they worked fine. Thanks, whoever you are. Do you take all your stabilzer out after sewing? I have seen very old quilts made on newspaper which wasn't removed and hasn't hurt the quilt all these years later. So I just tore off what came off and didn't worry about the rest. Posted by Picasa


Libby said...

That's as very nice stitch around your piece -- I always forget that my machine can do things other than a straight stitch *s*

Finn said...

Hi Katie, I think your Pie looks absolutely marvelous! What a good idea to use a tried and true method. That is the way I deal with complete circles also. Maybe I'm a coward, but it works.
I like the stitch you chose, and the paper under is a great idea. I don't think what remains will hurt the quilt top.
I think if you left all of it(as in olden times) it would become a clump of wet yuk when the quilt is washed. Probably they washed everything MUCH less frequently than we do today. Hugs, Finn

PS.. So happy you found Susan B's blog...she's a neat gal that hasn't connected with very many others as yet..*VBS*

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that look neat?

The Belles and I have stitched a whole lot of string blocks to old telephone book pages--works great!

sharon b said...

HI Katie, thanks for comment on my blog.. Your blocks are wonderful..I'm over by the shuttle launch area.. We learn so much from each other about quilting and life on these quilting blogs. quilters are great people.. You all have a great day..

susan said...

I have never seen this pattern, how neat! The colors are beautiful as well as the stitching.

Anonymous said...

The pie block is great! I like the stitch you are using around the pie. I take the paper off when I paper piece. Sometimes little bit stay in the stitching and I don't worry about it.