Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reading blogs about your grandmas has made me think of mine. My dad's mother (GMM) lived with my folks but I was already grown and married by then. Before this, she had a small room in her house that she used as her sewing room. It had an old treadle sewing machine in a beautiful wooden cabinet. I took it when she moved in with my parents, but later I lost it. I don't want to remember that. GMM did embroidery. I have some of her dresser scarves and pillow cases. Sorry no pic at this time.

Embroidery was also my first handcraft love. By age 9 I had a sewing basket full of floss and needles. I still have it and have put GMM's thumble, needle and thread in it.

I also found a pic of a hot mat I made when I was about nine-years old. As you can see, it is well used.

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