Saturday, February 18, 2006

My First Sewing Machine
It was 1959 and I was newly married. We decided we had saved enough money to buy a couple items. I wanted a sewing machine and my husband wanted a shot gun. Interesting, I would love sewing all my life as he would love hunting all of his. I listened to the Arthur Godfrey Show every day on the radio. He had entertainers, told jokes and talked about this and that. One day he recommended that a person save for something, but when you had the money to buy it on credit. This would allow you to establish a credit rating. So that is how I bought my first sewing machine. A major downtown store had a program where I didn't have to pay any interest for six months, so doing it this way cost me nothing. I wanted my husband to buy his gun this way too, but he wanted to pay for it all at one time. Later when we needed credit to buy a car, I listed the store where I bought my basic White sewing machine and the phone company. We were renting and utilities were included so the phone bill was all I had. Based on our payment records at these places, we had established good credit.
Do you have any memories about your first sewing machine?


Tropical Screamer said...

Hi Katie:

I enjoyed your story about buying your first sewing machine.

The first sewing machine I loved was a Singer treadle sewing machine. I would still love to have one.

Just as I like to quilt and sew by hand, I found the treadle sewing machine relaxing and more "hands on."

I also had to do the same thing to establish credit when I was a young, single career woman. I always saved my money and paid cash for things.

Take care and I hope you're having a great weekend.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, what a neat post about your life and your sewing machine..*VBS* Isn't blogging great? We get to talk about stuff we think and stuff we love, and share it with others who have similar interests...really think it's great!
My first machine was bought by my father at a furniture store in Chippewa Falls, WI. I was 16, and just teaching myself to sew. I think he bought it on the "installment plan", that's what they used to call it...right?? LOL... it was just a local brand name put on a generic machine, but it served me well for many years. Eventually my husband bought me a Viking, in 1972..and I proceeded to sew for our growing family on that machine. I was sewing on it still, when I finally broke down and bought a Pfaff in 1994. The pfaff is much lighter weight to take on retreats, etc. I still have my cabinet and the old Viking, but rarely use it. Not sure why, but I'm not wanting to get rid of it...makes no sense does it??? memories I guess..*S*