Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oriental Quilt - Third Fabric
Using scotch tape I put the nine patches of the oriental and orange fabric together into my new pattern. Then off to the store I went. I pulled out bolt after bolt of fabric, laying my taped pieces over each. There was another oriental one that had the right orange color but didn't provide enough contrast. I tried a blue, then a green and several tans. I had other shoppers helping. I walked away and looked back - never satisfied. I'm sure I tried at least 20 fabrics, some more than once. My samples fell apart. Finally I asked a salesperson for help. She found a dark blue that was perfect. I bought it. Of course they were having a sale, and I felt good that I only bought 1/1/2 yards of two of them. They are just for my stash.
Last night I washed and dried my new fabric and anxiously laid out my nine patches. How will the blocks work together? I decide to use my graph paper and do some drawing. Humm. Not sure. But I'm tired, so maybe it will be okay in the morning.
Yup, it still has problems this morning. Many more tries. The orange is so strong. It is the problem, not the oriental fabric. Removing it - oh how much better! Add a windmill in the middle and hey - look at this. And I've put back in just a splash of the orange and emphasized the oriental theme that was my goal all along.

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Finn said...

It's looking good to me..but tired is tired and you have to rest and see what the morning will bring.