Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oriental Quilt - Another Try

Yesterday I was looking through quilt blocks on the web and suddenly one popped out at me. It was called the Double 9 Patch.
Would it work for that oriental theme fabric I had given up on? Oh, I really think it will. I have the matching orange fabric. Quickly I pushed aside the other quilt blocks from my cutting board and soon was zipping that rotary cutter along. Then last evening the sewing machine hummed. With great anticipation, I laid out the blocks. Oh no, another pattern that didn't work. Why did I ever buy this material? I should just give up and use it for the back of some quilt.
This morning I was looking at some quilting blogs and got inspired to try some type of sampler pattern. I set out the pieces. It needed a third fabric. I dragged out some and, using them for backgrounds, I arranged the pieces again and again and again.

Finally I stood back and said, "I've got it!" It wasn't a sampler pattern, but I had it. None of these background fabrics would work, but I've got the pattern. Now I'm off to the fabric store.

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Finn said...

Hi there MQ, ok if I call you that?? I didn't see a first name..*VBS* Welcome to'll find great ideas, sharing and support from this collection of gals. I do love your orange fabric..gotta go read and see what came of it..*S*