Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dogs Gone

I have been keeping my DS's dogs for the past month while he and his family moved to Alabama. Top pic is Betsy age 3, bottom is Tess age 8, and right is Kate age 13. Actually the dogs are in route to AL today. I plan to arrange these pics into a collage and make DS a pic for his desk. The dogs were generally good and I was glad to be able to help. The good news is DS has sold his MI house, at a loss of course, and bought one in AL, at an inflated price, of course. Oh, I mean the good news is that he sold his MI house. In his area, for every one sold, there are 18 more on the market. It is even worse where I am as we are so dependent on the auto industry which is in disastrous shape. Hope everyone is staying as cool as possible. We are beginning a week long hot humid spell. We usually only have one or two days in the 90's all summer but this is a whole week of them with heat factor into the 100s. This is so unusual for MI. Lots of people don't have AC. Many summers I never turn mine on but it is being used this year. Big Sigh. Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

Hi Katie, hard to stay cool these days, isn't it?? I feel so blessed to have the central air. That plus a ceiling fan and a couple of area fans do a good job.
Normally, I'm told, we have 14 or less days over 90 for the entire season. I believe they said we just hit day 19, of 90 or above. Of course my weather comes from the Twin Cities, but that's only about 40 miles west, and no doubt applies quite closely to us also. Yuk!
Good news about the home being sold. So far we aren't in quite that bad a shape in my part of WI, being it's mostly agricultural. Alot commue to the TC's to work every day.
The pic of the puppies is a neat one! Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

The puppies are just precious. Thanks for the nice comments. Maybe I should contact my association and see if they are perhaps loosening up on the clothesline issue. I try to stay under the radar and just pay my dues. But a check with then on that topic probably wouldn't hurt.

Laurie Ann said...

I hope your dog is not too lonely now!!! I hope those three get home without too much stress, especially the 13 year old.