Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independance Day 2006

Today we celebrate the birthday of our country and feel pride in the liberties, established back in 1776, and that we still hold dear today.
Although "Old Ironsides" was in the War of 1812, I thought I would share these pictures I took in Boston last summer.
I'm also posting some throughts about my country on my writing blog.
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Finn said...

Hi Katie, Happy 4th of July to you..*VBS* It must have been fun to see that very old history up close.
I can't imagine what it would have been like to serve above a vessel like that one.
I feel that same way about sailing ships that crossed the Atlantic..how scary that must have been. But so glad they did it and we have this great country to call home..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Shelina said...

Katie, I'm so sorry about being late to answer your question. You had a fabric that kept unraveling and you wanted to know about particular brands. Since I don't usually use quilt store fabric, I am afraid I don't know which brands are better than others.

But if I had a fabric that is unraveling while I was sewing, I would take it back to the quilt store, even if it was all cut up. You are expecting a reasonable quality and they need to know there is a problem with the fabric. I would select a substitute fabric. If you absolutely have to use the fabric, maybe you can serge or zig zag across the edges to secure it. I've never tried to use magic sizing for something like that - I would think that it wouldn't work very well, and even if it did, then when you wash it, it will be gone and you will have the problem again.
Maybe quilting in the ditch on top of the sewn pieces instead of the side where the seam isn't would help secure it a little bit.