Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kipper Helps Me Clean Up
Picture 1:
"Hi Mom. Did you call me?"

Picture 2:
"Were you in my sewing room?

Picture 3:
"Oh, Mom, there are so many scraps in there and a lot of them are on the floor.
I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist."

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I see so many nice kitties helping their mom's by helping them sew or checking out the stashes or quilts. Kipper never helps me sew. He is not allowed in my sewing room. And he usually doesn't come in unless the time is getting way past his supper time and then he lays his head on my lap and clearly says "Please!"

Why isn't he allowed in my sewing room. Because he loves to help me clean up. You got it. He eats any fabric on the floor. I discovered this in Florida where I use a big dining room table for my sewing. One day I cut 20 squares and when I went to sew them, I couldn't figure out why I only had 19 of them. I looked all over and finally just cut another one. The next morning when I picked up his morning deposit from the back yard, I found my missing fabric square. Kip is such a good dog and never takes anything, even food, from any counter or table, even though he is tall enough to lay his chin on many of them. When he was a puppy, he once took a large piece of ham from the kitchen cupboard. But I caught him before he got to eat it and he got the message that I really would not allow this. He was a quick learner and he wanted to be a good dog. Now if food gets on the floor he figured it was okay to eat it and I agreed. Well, the fabric was on the floor and for some reason he liked it. Later I learned he also eats puzzle pieces that fall on the floor. Oh, me. Yes, I really do feed him dog food which he happily eats.

Today I did some playing with strips and my aim for the waste basket wasn't very good. Nothing to show.


Shelina said...

I don't even bother with a wastebasket. My waste fabric goes straight on the floor. At the end of the session, or whenever I get around to it, I sweep it up a bit. I figure I am going to have to sweep anyway, might as well have something to sweep.

quiltpixie said...

lol re the dog eating fabric... wish I could use that excuse for when I loose pieces. I use a hug tub (intended for children's balls etc at school I think) Its about 3 1/2 feet in diameter, so hard to miss but I often succeed in doing so :-)

Finn said...

Ah yes, the tell-tale evidence of the deed...LOL. LIke when the kids used to try eating the crayons..who knows why that sounded like a good idea...LOL

Kipper is soooo cute..and sounds like he is a very good dog too!

Laurie Ann said...

He is such a cutie pie, as are all of your dogs. My dogs don't come in my sewing room because there's not enough room on the floor for them. But Roogrr also tries to come in and steal scraps out of my garbage can when I am not looking! Then if he gets a piece he runs out really fast and makes me chase him. He also likes dryer sheets, nylons and cardboard!! I think cats laying all over my quilts and fabric might drive me crazy. I do like them though.