Friday, July 07, 2006

I am dog-sitting for the month of July while my son and family try and sell their MI house and move to AL. I have a fenced in yard so the dogs like to run around and this makes it hard to get pictures of them. In the first one the dog in the back is Kate, 13 years old, who has her summer hair cut. In the front is Tess, age 8, who badly needs a hair cut. The second picture is Betsy, age 3, who runs and runs and the close up is all I could get today. The bottom pic is my dog Kipper who is 8 years old and being a a very good host. Yes, I do feel like I am running a kennel. But they are good dogs and I'm happy to be able to help my son and family. See next post for close up pics of Tess.
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Laurie Ann said...

Aren't dogs just the best???!!! That looks like a fun group! What kind of a dog is yours? Looks like a sheltie with a hair cut!

Finn said...

Seeing the girls running around in your yard brings back good memories of our years in Michigan. Springers and Brittanys are such popular dogs in Michigan due to the excellent bird hunting there. We had a female brittany, a rescue dog, Missy. Terrified of thunder storms. Our best friends had a springer, Sparky, and we used to kid them that Sparky has more "spring" than good sense..he sure was a "bouncer". Which they(springers) "do" to see above the dry weeds as they hunt...funny what comes into your head, huh?? *VBS*