Monday, July 31, 2006

More Scrapy
I now have 63 six inch blocks done. Current goal is 108. That would make quilt 63 x 108. My sewing room is a warm room so no evening sewing. I was saying how many MI houses don't' have AC but most of them do have basements. And it is at least 10 degrees cooler there. Think I should clean my floor now or wait until I've done the rest? Doesn't that red piece look too big for discard? I better check it. VBS Posted by Picasa


quiltpixie said...

love the floor! Mine used to look like that until I started to use a bucket that is has a 20" diameter for my "basketball hoop" Now just about everything actually ends up in the bucket and I tip it into a large gabage bag when its full... :-0

Finn said...

Great post Katie!!! I love the floor shot..surely that can't all be waste???? *VBG* And super job on having that many pieced and pinned together. Looks like you do sets of 10? Makes for easier counting, for sure! I think this will be a really neat quilt! Hugs, Finn
P.S. Are you thinking of doing Forest Jane's Ostrich challenge?? I am..thinking at least..*G*

Leslie said...

The wastebasket shot says sooo much. Loved that pic.