Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mel's Quilt
My friend wanted a chair quilt for her husband for last Christmas. She choose a panel of fishing theme and some matching fabric. It is the first flannel quilt I have made. Nice cozy quilt for those MI winter evenings in the Lazy Boy.

I'm spending hours working on my friend's stories. We are determine to get them done.

Kipper did fine with his surgery yesterday to remove three infected cysts.

Terrible weather for us - seven days of 90 degrees and high humidity too. FL can take this back any time now:)


Finn said...

Wow..that's a really pretty quilt Katie..and flannel?? Good job! I know my kids adore the all flannel quilts for snuggling on those cold Minnesota nights..*VBS*

Glad to hear that Kipper came through the surgery in good shape. Never fun for anyone, those surgeries..but so necessary. Hugs, Finn

quiltpixie said...

glad kipper came through well. Will you make a blanket for him to snuggle under during his recovery ??? :-) Maybe not flannel giventhe temp...