Thursday, July 13, 2006

I spent most of today helping a friend with her Life Story. Also took Kate to the vet for some med for her arthritis. And went out to supper. Then I got an hour in cutting and sorting strips. So I had to pull from my past for something to show. The top pillow is not wrinkled but is very soft and I didn't smooth it out before taking the picture. It is my experiment with the Drunkard's Path. The second pic shows the decorative stitch I put around the green areas. I liked the way it turned out.
Yes, Kipper left a hair on it. It is white, not gray, isn't it?

The other pillow is just crazy patch with all straight lines done on the machine. I like to do this. I made several pillows in this style for Christmas gifts the
year I retired.

Kipper, Sit
Kipper was about nine months old when I first took him to FL. I live in a senior mobile home park that allows dogs. Not many of them do. One day I was walking Kipper around in the park as we practiced obedience commands. I had him "sit" and "stay" on the edge of the grass and I walked away. He never moved. A lady came out of the house and yelled at me for my dog "pooping" on her grass. I tried to explain he was just sitting and was on command so he couldn't relieve himself even if he wanted to. I'm still not sure she learned the difference in the position of a pooping and sitting dog.Posted by Picasa


quiltpixie said...

love the CQ from Christmas fabrics. What a wonderful gift, and wouldn't require hours of hand embellishing/stitching given the richness of the fabric. thanks for the idea....

Finn said...

Those are really pretty pillows..*VBS* I think it's nice to have some that just come out at Christmas time(unless they are getting their pictures taken..*G*)

Great Kipper story...must be hard to be such a frustrated angry person as that lady was. Gotta give people the benefit of the doubt.