Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Scrap Strips
I decided I needed some more light colored fabric for contrast. I have lots of off white and some white but needed some other colors. The print near the bottom is just one I liked and had to have some. Is it light too? The bottom blue is for background for an applique I'd like to do someday.

Here's another block I made from playing. And below is another yet. Has anyone ever made a strip sampler quilt?

Posted by PicasaDoing The Math
It has been raining part or all of the last three days. Multiply four dogs each with four feet to wash every time they have to go out. eeeeek They are predicting dry weather starting tomorrow. But VERY hot again. Kipper got his hair cut very short again today. It doesn't even look like him. I leave part of his tail which just makes him look silly, I guess. But he needs someplace to hide his nose when he sleeps. I also wanted him short as he is having surgery on Friday. He has some infected cysts that just won't heal even with 1,000 mg of antibiotic twice a day for 10 days. You can see two of them in the black part of his back.
When my husband died eight years ago, I went to a financial advisor who asked me how much income I needed. I told him I needed enough to keep my house up. My husband had done all the repairs but I would need to hire these done. I mowed my own lawn (about half an acre) for several years until I had my first hand surgery and have hired it done ever since. I also wanted enough money to be able to fly to visit my children and grandchildren who lived in three different States. And I wanted enough to do some other traveling. And I wanted to have enough to take good care of a dog that I wanted to get. Two months later I found Kipper at the Human Society and he has been worth the cost of keeping him safe and healthy. He is my very good companion. I am most grateful that I have had the income to do all my needs and wants.


quiltpixie said...

I love the strips you're making. It should be a great scrappy sampler.

Shelina said...

How fun to make a scrap sampler quilt - made from blocks that you make up yourself. That is a great idea. And I too am glad that you have enough money to visit your kids and take care of your dog and of course quilt.

Finn said...

Oh my, you are having such a good playtime!!! Like a reward for wet dog prints everywhere..LOL. I remember well how many even one wet dog can make.
I love your block play. I don't know if anyone has made a strip or string, ro strips sampler, but it would be fun to jump in and do it with these variations you are coming up. I especially like the last one..I could see a whole quilt of just that one*VBS*
And Kipper looks sooo dashing!! Be sure and tell him he's very handsome in his neckerchief..Hugs, Finn

Fiona said...

Looks like you've really been having fun trying out different combinations. Kipper looks like a lovely dog, and well done to you for getting him from the rescue society.