Saturday, July 08, 2006

I was trying to do my own method of a quilt-as-you-go and Friday it became impossible. I can't even talk about it now. I just threw the whole thing.

Needing to play, I tried a whonky flower. It can be done but may be more efficient to do paper piecing or applique. Anyway it definitely helped my mood. The middle is a button.

I'm thinking of writing some stories about my dog Kipper. He is a save from the Humane Society so I can't be certain what he is (other then a very friendly and good dog) but he definitely has a lot of Border Collie in him. Kate and Tess are Springer Spaniels and Betsy is a Luellen, which is a type of English Setter. Betsy is a pointer bird dog. Kate and Tess flush the birds. In order to see, they "spring" up out of the tall grass and it is really neat to see them do this. Kipper does the same thing, even though he is a very tall dog. He is not a hunting dog but has herding instincts. When I got him he nipped people's heels but we stopped that behavior. He still grabs other dogs by the neck (never hurting them but using a soft mouth like the other dogs use to carry game birds, and moves them where he wants them to go. He keeps them away from the gate. When they go the right direction Kipper lets go. No, when the guest dogs leave, I am not going to get him some sheep.

There is an area where my fence is higher off the ground. Betsy wiggled under the fence but instead of running away, she ran around the outside of the fence. I went to Home Depo and got some cement blocks to put by the fence and stop Betsy. They were selling out all their plants at rock bottom prices. Of course I bought four more hanging plants. The woman said they had to make way for their Christmas things that were coming in. I didn't think she was serious but she said she already had snow blowers in. Oh, me.

By the way Kipper could easily jump over the fence or dig under it, but he wouldn't ever do it. He knows he is not suppose to and likes to be a good dog.


Finn said...

I like your wonky flowers...about the quilt as you go..I would only have some @(&^!O_**^ type things to say...sorry! Not my cup of tea at all.

But the flower is interesting to think about..alot of possibilites there.
Stories about Kipper?? That would be great..why not give it a go??? Hugs, Finn

Shelina said...

That is such a sweet flower. A perfect thing to brighten up anybody's day.

Tonya R said...

I applaud you. Marvelous flower - much more interesting made this way than on paper. Sometimes you have to play around with an idea for awhile until you get to the "best" way of doing it.

McIrish Annie said...

i think your flower is fabulous!! don't give up on it yet... not a fan of quilt as you go but love the alternative to paper piecing.looks alot like flip and sew.