Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Types of Quilters

Today I've been reading your blogs. I've gotten behind and miss hearing about all that is happening. I've still more reading to do but got thinking about where I fit in to the types of quilters as per Jeanne (Spiral on July 30). I enjoy and admire art quilts, excellent techniques and artisan quits, especially those donated to make other people's lives better.

Like Quilt Pixy, I am wondering about some other categories. Here's my thoughts.

I've seen quilters who are mostly concerned with the result of their quilting. They get a pattern and buy fabric, usually as pictured in the pattern or sample, and then carefully follow the instructions. They want help to pick out the "right" fabric. They want their quilt to look like the example and are anxious to see their finished quilt. Sometimes their quilts don't look like the sample and they are disappointed. In classes they ask which fabric to use where. They like to take "kit" classes.

Another type quilter is one who is fascinated with fabric. She likes to try various fabrics together. Often she likes a print that no one else is buying. At the cutting table she is asked what she is going to do with that fabric. She doesn't know which one of the several ideas she has for it. She gets inspiration from patterns, thinks about ways to rearrange them, makes some blocks and then changes things around, finishes the blocks and lays them out then decides to change it some other way. The finished quilt is definitely unique. She avoids making a quilt that repeats the same block over and over and won't take a class where everyone is doing the same thing with the same fabric. It is not important when or even if she finishes the quilt. Making a quilt quickly or by some deaadline is not in her thought process. Before beginning to read blogs, she never thought her UFOs were unfinished. Rather they were just results of playing or experimenting. She is proud of most of her finished quilts. They wouldn't be finished, if she wasn't. She thinks she will make another one just like one she has made, but never does. She says the thing she likes most about quilting is the process of creating.

I don't know what to call these two types of quilters. All I know is that I am mostly the second one.

I believe quilters are not all something or other, at least not all the time. And thank goodness they aren't. However, I do find that most quilters are interested in what other quilters are doing. They understand each other's frustratons and joys. They encourage and accept each other. They become friends. They are great people. Yes, we are.


Jeanne said...

Hi Katie! These are GREAT definitions -- and more personal than mine were. Isn't it great to share ideas with other quilters? Don't you just LOVE the internet? :)

quiltpixie said...

These are categories I understand!!! I'm definately in the second, and work hard to help my quilty friends move from the first to the second. Some wont move from being assemblers, but those who do, free the designer within -- an ongoing process.

anne bebbington said...

Quilting is just one of the nicest activities for sharing and interacting with other like minded people whether in a stitching group on blogs or at shows - quilters are the kindest most generous people you could wish to meet - after all who else would give you the most treasured item in their collection if you were short of it to complete that special project - Quiters Rock!!!

Screen Door said...

I love your post. Great writing. Another variable at least for me --is time--- There is so little of it in my life to devote to the freedom in quilting that it 'has to count'. You just want minutes to play with the fabric.

Libby said...

A great definition. I probably fall somewhere in the middle. Though as time passes, I am more inclined to want to create my own rather than do what everyone else is doing. I just love the whole process.

Finn said...

A really great post Katie!! You make so many excellent points. You have obviously give this much thought. I have no doubt I fall into the second catagory, or at least close to the edge of it...LOL I guess I've never figured out what is the "thrill" in a planned quilt in someone else's color, design, and quilting? I've tried a couple of 2 color quilts. Pretty boring after the first couple of blocks. Then it becomes a chore. I've picked fabric to match and done a pattern "ala" the book picture. Took 10 years to finish a nap quilt size in 3 fabrics..guess that says something..LOL
Quilters are the best!!! Have hardly ever met one I didn't like, and certainly not here in blog land. We are all so different, and yet the same in so many ways. Thanks for saying it so well. Hugs, Finn

Judy said...

Good definaitions! I'd say I'm closer to the second one. But sometimes I do see a finished quilt and like the coloration so much that I will try to make one similar, but not matching. Sometimes that's the reason that I fall in love with the quilt to begin with. I tend to buy fabrics for a multiple of thoughts, instead of stash. And I always end up in the sale corner loving the fabrics that no one else has bought!! I take home tons of those bolts!