Thursday, August 03, 2006

Remember When
I have been helping a friend write her life stories. In the 1930's her farm family had a Modal A Ford. (So did my dad.) Do you know they did not have heat in those cars? That's right. In the winter here in Michigan, people bundled up in coats and hats and put the old horse hair blankets, that had been used in their buggy and slay, around their legs. Here in Michigan, the winter weather made it difficult for the horse to pull the buggy so a slay was used. When the windshield of the Modal A got frozen, my friend's dad stopped the car and got out the bag of salt that was kept under the seat. He rubbed some of the salt over the windshield and soon it was cleared enough for them to be on their way.

In the 1940's my mother and aunt drove across the desert from Arizona to California. I don't know what kind of car they had but it doesn't matter since none of the cars had air conditioning. They bought a block of ice and put it in a pan on the floor of the front seat. Then they shut the windows and blew air across the ice. Walla! They had AC. By the way I was in the back seat.


paula, the_quilter said...

It is so fun to hear stories like this. I learned from my MIL that my FIL was a bootlegger in Denver during prohibition!

quiltpixie said...

yup, and we complain about the weather as we think we should be able to "fix it"... my grandparents simply lived with it as they had no illussions of power of it...

Finn said...

Hi Katie, what a fun posting..*VBS* Our family histories runs quite the close parallel.
No sleigh rides or robes to use in my stories, but my Mom did have a set of sleigh bells from her childhood. I wish I would have asked to hear more about them. In the 1960's she traded them to a local newspaper photographer in exchange for wedding photoes for my middle sister. I was very sad to hear that she had done that. We were living in MI at that time, and altho I mailed my wedding dress and veil back to WI for my sister to wear, I was unaware of other "details" til later.
I know in December of 1945, just days after the death of my infant brother, Welfare brought a baby girl from LaCrosse, WI to Chippewa Falls, for my mom to take care of. The trip was mande in an unheaded car, abourt 80 miles in mid December. This action was set in motion by the dr. who delivered my baby brother.
Times sure have changed.

Actually the ice and fan trick still works today. Just put ice, any form in a cake pan, and set it in front of a fan. It helps quite alot..*VBS* Thanks for sharing..Hugs, Finn