Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yesterday I could not face working on machine quilting one more day so got out this fabric I bought with the idea of using it to make letters. And instead of working, I played. So much fun. The pic is not the best. I'm surprised how the seams show in it when they don't in real life. It is 25 inches from the beginning of the first X to the end of the last O. I have plans for this quilt and will tell you more about that later. Kipper and I are off for a walk now. Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

The color being off or the seams showing sure doesn't change that they look mighty fine!!!!

Love them like that...a band of hugs and kisses..really cute!

Hedgehog said...

Your letters look great! I have the same issue - seams that show up in pictures, but not in real life!

Susan said...

It's about the lighting. I always use flash with mine, because I hang them and the sun shines through, but not with the flash. I don't know which would be better with the seams, but I do know it's the lighting. =) In a finished quilt, there will be enough behind them not to show. It's one reason I do photograph things, though. I see things that way that my eye does't see.

I love your Os. It looks a little like Cynthia England piecing of curves. And a lot like crazy quilt piecing. They are great letters!