Monday, August 14, 2006

Leaf Quilt
Anyone have any idea what this leaf is called? The first pic was inside the Amish shop. They also had a large one with the leaves hanging outside. Somehow my pic of the whole quilt didn't work so all I have is a corner. The last pic is one block. Would you believe I have, or at least had, two, no three, of those fabrics. Oh, I want to make it.

There is one more post after this with the rest of my Amish made quilt pics. Tomorrow I'll show you the fabrics I bought.

I've been working on machine quilting. It's not easy. More on that later too.

And after all my complaining about the hot weather we had, I must tell you we are now having wonderful weather. Sunny. High in low 80's. Light breeze. Open windows. Wonderful sleeping. Hope all of you are enjoying good weather, too.

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quiltpixie said...

these are pics of a maple leaf block. There are a few variations of it out there, so do a web search and you'll find it!

Patti said...

You should be able to find this block, so something very similar, fairly easily. Here is the URL for the block at Quilters Cache:

It's not exactly the same but quite similar. If you want a block exactly the same you can probably draw it on graph paper from the close-up picture you have.

joyce said...

It's a Maple Leaf block and I'm sure you can find it in lots of quilting books too. I love the blue one.

Shellie said...

Definately looks like a Maple leaf variation. I love the colors!

Thanks for posting such wonderful eye candy. Definately lots of inspiration from all of these pics. Now if only I could find the time. ;)

Finn said...

Hi Katie, I think the quilt in question is called "Ozark Maple Leaf" and I think I have the pattern from an older "trial issue" of Quiltmaker. I'll check and make sure if you want me to...*VBS*