Saturday, August 05, 2006

Found It

Thanks for letting me tell you about my missing item. It worked. I found it. I put it away soooo well last fall. Oh, me. I would blame this on old age but I've done this type thing all my life. Well, sometimes I think it gets worse as I get older. What do you do to jogg your memory? My husband used to think about a difficult math problem before he went to sleep and in the morning he'd have it solved. Yes, I knew him way back in high school.

Today I am going to pick up the young man who helps me in my yard. He recked his car so has no transportaton now. Temperature is suppose to get only into the 80's and okay humidity. Boy are the flower beds ever overgrown.

Those mile a minute blocks I posted yesterday are just trial ones. I have no current plans to make a quilt with them. I want to finish the other scrapy one that I just finsihed the blocks.

Have a nice day!

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Finn said...

So glad you found your missing item..*VBS* Sometimes it does seem the gremlins are at work, moving things about just so we can't find them...LOL

Hang in there cooler weather is on it's way. It's cool and overcast this morning in WI, and moving eastward. Probably too slowly for you...can't say I blame you..that heat was awful!
Have a great weekend, Hugs, finn