Thursday, August 17, 2006


I've been looking for ideas for my 30's prints. I'm thinking of dresden plate but am afraid I'll quickly tired of doing the same thing over and over. I like the idea of flowers and found these in a quilt but can't find a
So I drew these out. Although I can made good matching seams - well much of the time - I like the looks of these centers. Now I'm thinking of making several differnt flowers. Any ideas? Patterns?

I'm also still playing with machine quilting - trying different things. I'm learning what works for me and what doesn't. More later.

I'm also spending a lot of time this week helping my friend with her life stories. My scanner is giving me trouble. Oh, me.

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quiltpixie said...

like the drawing on the left... I think I've seen something similar somewhere in my collection of books, but maybe only 4 sections....

Finn said...

Hi Katie, what a fun flower...but I do think making them all the same for one quilt might get tiresome.
I remember that Linda J. had a neat flower she made back when she was showing her Christmas quilt for her deceased friend Betsy. I think she tells where the pattern is located.
Otherwise, try Quilters Cache..they have a lot of blocks, in almost every size.

And if you have been quilting long enough to have any Georgia Bonesteel books, she had a pieced pansy in one of them.

Shelina said...

I've seen this sunflower pattern. I have a kit I got from my LQS.. Hold on, I'll get it for you.
I'm back, did you miss me?
Okay, it is called Black-Eyed Susan, and it is made by quiltsmart. The flowers are fused onto fusible paper, then cut and sewed onto those half square triangles. All the flowers are the same, but the kit has lots of different fabric.