Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here's another thing I just had to try. Posted by PicasaI've made a couple more chenile pillows for family requests. They are very soft and comfortable.

Flower Colors
Also wanted to show you these flowers. No they aren't in my yard. I think nature is the best at designing a beautiful pallet. I know someone planted them, and yes I believe gardeners are artists too, but nature had a role in the result. Wouldn't those colors be great in a quilt?

Okay I'm taking a challenge,too. I hadn't bought but a small about of fabric since I came back to MI from FL in March, so I knew I was about ready to go into buying mode. I saw the one where people pledged to work on quilting for a least an hour a day. I'm retired (Hooray, it is great!)and often spend many hours on quilting. So my challenge is to spend an hour per day on housework, laundry, and paper/phone call stuff each day BEFORE I do any quilting. It will be hard for me but really needs to be done.


quiltpixie said...

Good luck on your self-challenge :-)

Finn said...

Hi Katie, pretty flowers..*VBS* Those petunias are just about the same color as some of mine in the windowboxes. Really a great color!!

I agree, that with retirement, we get as much time as we want to sew and quilt.I'd have to join you in the hour a day on housekeeping or paperwork...LOL That's where I keep falling behind.

EileenKNY said...

Good luck with your challenge, I know I could use some of that discipline too.
I love flowers but I've accepted the fact that I have a black thumb. I'll enjoy everyone else's gardens.

McIrish Annie said...

your scrappy quilt is great. I would just do minimum straight quilting on it or a nice meander.

good luck with the housework challenge.