Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Shipshewana Grocery

I made one more stop on my visit to Shipshewana, IN - the Amish grocery store. It is basically a bulk food store but everything is bagged up and on shelves. What good food, some of it hard to find other places. The Amish apple butter is from Miller's Orchard and the no sugar added one I buy has only apples and cider resulting in 15 calories in each tablespoon. And oh so good. I also love their peanut butter with marshmallow and honey but I passed it by this time. The flavorings are marvelous. I currently have pistachio, black and red raspberry, butter pecan, black walnut and vanilla butternut. I add them to many things including the milk the put on my cereal. Of course, I had to get some sugar free candy and angel food cake mix. I bought only one bag of noodles as my local grocery carries the Amish noodles. The chicken soup base is my favorite. And I had to have some toasted corn and honey roasted soybeans. I try something new every year and this year it was roasted dried green peas. They are excellent! The other thing I buy is cheese - all kinds of it. (Did you know it freezes great?) This Amish area is known for its dairy herds and their cheese sure reflects it. Gotta go now and get something to eat. Wish you could join me.


quiltpixie said...

making me wish I'd had dinner before reading blogs :-)

Judy said...

Wow looks like my haul from the Trader Joe's store!!