Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I have the sea green top done. It looks too small to me so I'll see. The 9 patch is six inches square. My digital camera sure doesn't like the color. Anxious to try another method of sandwiching. More later.

I see some of you keep to-do lists of quilting tasks. Just now I'm busy with life- to-do list. Got the vet visit, mammogram and buy underwear crossed off yesterday. They had buy six, get-one-free bras so I have 7 new ones and 9 new panties. They didn't have the socks I wanted so bought two others to try. I had partial knee replacement in March and it is not completely successful so now I have a huge brace. I had to get some pants to go over it. Not easy. But I found some and bought three pair and even a jacket to match the two blue pair. They are cords with stretch that I can pull up to adjust the brace. Everything else in the store had % off but not these. I'm just to happy so have found them.

I'm helping my friend with her life stories again today. I thought I would show you the best book I have found to help anyone who is interested in doing this. It really is fun. More fun when you have others doing it too, as their stories give you ideas and encouragement.

Posted by PicasaI had to stop in Hancock and get some machine quilting needles. Just couldn't pass this book up. www.CleoandMe.com
It is more craft than sewing but the inspirations are wonderful. Also bought some more of the background fabric for Tonya's X and Os and a piece of 108 inch backing at $5 a yard. Also got velcro to put in my new pants pockets. I like to be able to just carry small wallet there but want those pockets to stay shut.
Hancock is having half off quilting supplies this weekend.

Have a nice day and weekend!


Fiona said...

You've been busy! Maybe we should all write our life stories. I have traced my family tree on my mother's side and there are so many unanswered questions. If just some of those people had left their life stories how fascinating that would be. My cousins and I always used to beg my Nan to tell us stories from her past because we loved to hear them, and we used to tell her she should write a book. But she always used to say 'It would be all tragedy'. In every long life there must be some bad as well as the good, maybe that's why people are reluctant to write it down.

Linda_J said...

oooooh I love the cats on the book cover. I may have to track that one down!

Is that the background that looked green the other day?

Finn said...

Hi Katie, you have been busy! But it sounds happy and productive and things are getting done. Glad you found some of the things you need and bargains to boot!
The green,green, it's green they say..on the far side of the hill..oh, I mean quilt *G*
I like it. I see what you mean about the size tho...might need a tat of help on that department. great to have it so far along.
The pattern of the kitties(Felix?)is soooo cute! I don't know that I could have resisted either. Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

The quilt looks great -- seems like a nice cuddle up for warm feet size -- if there is such a thing *s*

quiltpixie said...

what a wonderful looking book of cat appliques... So will you do one a month???