Monday, May 15, 2006

Best Mother's Day Gift
In 1961 I got the greatest Mother's Day gift ever. My daughter was born. Okay, actually she was not born until 6:00 the next morning (May 15th)but I went to the hospital on Mother's Day and I always consider her my Mother's Day baby.

All of my children do special things for me and the greatest of these is just knowing that I can call on them for help any time. This year my Mother's Day baby sent me the neatest e-card which was written my Amy Miller. I just must share.

Mom you are so special,
Unique in every way.
I just love you to pieces
Each and every single day.

Since I was a little girl
You've showed me how to care.
For the love you give,
I could not find anywhere!

You've taught me important lessons
Which I carry through my life
Helping me along life's byways
With not a lot of strife.

You've made me into a strong lady.
We're able to survive
Facing life's tribulations
With a lot of overdrive!

You are truly one of a kind
With much love and admiraton.
Here's to you, Mom
A master of womankind.

Happy Mother's Day to You!


Finn said...

Hi Katie, sounds like it was a good Mother's the verse from your card..*VBS*

Tropical Screamer said...

What a great card. Thank you for sharing.


Tim Rice said...

Neat Mother's Day message!