Friday, May 05, 2006

Found It
How do you find that illusive object? I've always had this problem and it does get worse with age. Usually I just buy another one and sure enough I'll find the missing object.

Lately I've been thinking about applique. I had started a project in Florida and thought I brought it back to Michigan. After hunting through my sewing room and computer work area, I found the two completed blocks and some other things relating to it, but not the patterns. Could I have left them? Having two homes so far apart doesn't make finding things any easier. Finally I thought about what else I had brought back but not used yet. That did it. I had tucked them in an unrelated notebook which I'd tucked out of the way in the den. Oh, me. These are baskets of flowers called Remember When by Alice Wilhoit Designs. It's not a book but a plastic envelop of the patterns. I like them for the basic ideas and then I modify the designs as I sew them.


Finn said...

Really great looking baskets Katie, so glad you found them and the elusive patterns...LOL

Sounds like something I would have done..put them in a place I was sure I would remember, and then didn't..*VBS*

It's a fun title for that pattern packet..I like that, Remember When?

Tropical Screamer said...

Those are so pretty. And your work is beautiful.

I've always had such a poor memory. I knew it would come in handy because no one who knows me even noticed any difference when I -really- started forgetting things. LOL.

I hope you're having a wonderful day.

(And I fixed your link on my writing blog. I had you on my Shortcut list and forgot to change the one on the blog.)