Friday, May 12, 2006

More on Sewing Room Quilt
This is a picture of my finished quilt. Actually it is a bedspread. I wish I knew how to make inverted pleats.
My DDL reads my blog and sent me an e-mail saying "How did you get that corner so clean for the picture? tee hee :)" So I took some pics of where some of the stuff that was on the bed went. Actually, I'm in the process of sorting out the room. True, I'm always in this process but... Actually I've made some progress.
This is my big board on my ironing board. It is one of my favorite sewing aids. I have a swival desk chair behind the sewing machine which I also use to iron. Those plastic boxes are suppose to help me organize. Well....

Yesterday I just had to sew. 30" block. Picture later. Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

doesn't look bad at all Katie, *VBS* ALtho I know it's so much more fun to create in an organized space. Mine is a constant struggle with clutter. Both in my sewing room and my life...LOL Maybe one day I'll be on top of all of it!!

Good for you for sewing!

Laurie Ann said...

Things always have to get messier to get cleaner. It's a sign that things are getting REALLY organized. :)

Tropical Screamer said...

My whole goal for next week is to get my sewing machine space together. It will be amazing to have my cutting board, iron and sewing machine all in one place.

The bedspread is beautiful. :)


Shelina said...

You do great work! We have very similar tastes in fabric, colors, etc. A pretty quilting is better than a clean house anyday!